The custom roadmap for busy, overwhelmed and conscientious moms so they can tackle toxins to provide a healthy home for their family with confidence, peace of mind, and minimal effort. 
The Healthy Home Solution gives you tailor-made:
  • Product recommendations that work...
  • Habits you can easily build into your daily routines for lasting results...
  • Tools to help you make it happen without overthinking everything...
... and will allow you take immediate and sustainable action to reduce your family’s risk of allergies, hormone disruption, cancer, and chronic illness.

That’s a bold statement but the science is clear: the toxins in our daily lives are contributing to increased incidences of illness. The more effectively we can reduce our exposure, the better we can support our own - and, most importantly, our children’s - long-term health. 

Here are a few examples:
  • ​Only one in ten breast cancers can be explained by a genetic history for the disease. Environmental toxins are playing a role in the increase in cancer rates. (Breast Cancer Action)
  • Very low dose pesticide exposure in infants are linked with ADHD, autism, reproductive and hormonal defects (PMID: 22587699).
  • Environmentally pervasive flame and stain repellent chemicals are linked with birth defects, cancer, and hormone disruption. 
  • Toxic overload affects every system in the body - from immune function to metabolism to hormone regulation - and is contributing to chronic illness and preventing the ability to heal.
Addressing toxins is an essential pillar of health that we just can’t ignore any more. Our future, and our children’s future, depend on it.

If you’re someone who knows you’re ready to make progress on your healthy home goals, but don’t have the time, energy, or patience to make it happen on your own, I invite you to join me for a one-of-a-kind VIP experience…

Sit back and let an expert do all the research, planning, product sourcing, budgeting, and worrying for you. 
The Healthy Home Solution gives you the tools and strategies to reduce toxins like hormone disruptors, carcinogens, asthmagens, and allergens from all areas of your home. 

This can feel overwhelming when you try to tackle it all on your own. But following my step-by-step plan is manageable and customized to suit your needs so the overwhelm melts away.

The Healthy Home Solution has helped women who were:
  • Undergoing cancer treatments;
  • Struggling with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity;
  • Initiating IVF treatments;
  • Wanting to prepare their home and bodies for having children in the future.

Here's What's Included:

  • A 1.5 hour virtual walk-through of your home with environmental engineer & toxins expert Emma Rohmann via Zoom. We’ll go room-by-room and chat about your home, lifestyle, budget, products you use, and all the details I need to create a tailor-made plan that will allow you to reduce your toxic load most effectively. (Value: $250)
  • A custom Healthy Home Solution Action Plan with the exact steps, products, and trainings that will enable you to make simple swaps and habits resulting in long-term and sustainable success. The plan is laid out with 3-, 6- and 12+-month priorities so you know exactly what to focus on without feeling overwhelmed. (Value: $1500)
  • Two, half-hour calls with Emma to review your plan and answer any questions. (Value: $150)
  • BONUS: Access to the Healthy Home Collective for 12 months, a private Facebook Group where you will have access to live group coaching calls and bonus content. (Value: $1200)

Think about how much time, money, and energy you could spend trying to figure it all out on your own...

I have invested $10,000s and over a decade of my life becoming an expert in creating healthier indoor spaces so you don't have to.

I’m not just going to throw a bunch of product recommendations at you and run. This is a customized plan that is laser-focused on your goals and lifestyle - with simple product swaps, habits you can easily build into your daily routines, and the tools to help you make it happen with minimal effort. And I'll be there to help you through, each step of the way.

This VIP experience is valued at over $3000... 

But I’m offering it now for just $997.
Because it's such a personalized service, I only have space for 
2 clients a month.

Here's what some of my clients had to say about their  Healthy Home Solution:
Hi! I'm Emma Rohmann. 
I've been making green changes in my home for over 15 years (starting as an environmental engineering student).

When I got pregnant, I started looking into ingredients more deeply as they related to our health.  I tried to figure out what was fact vs fiction, what products were actually healthy, and, later, how I could live greener on my maternity leave budget with 2 kids.

All my research pointed to one conclusion: 
Toxins in our homes are contributing to serious health issues. My kids needed me to protect them, and I needed to care more about my own health too.  

I am now dedicated to helping other families take the important steps towards creating a healthier future for the next generation - both for our kids, and the planet.
Here's what makes me uniquely positioned to help you:
  • I am an environmental engineer and accredited green building professional with over a decade of experience as a project manager in the green building field.
  • ​I am a trained David Suzuki Foundation Queen of Green Coach.
  • I hold a Certificate in Environmental Health from the University of Arizona College of Medicine.
  • I teach a regular lecture at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine on Environmental Health and Reproduction and Fertility.
  • ​I regularly invest in up-levelling my knowledge and skills, attending conferences and taking courses to stay up-to-date on the research and best practices.
  • ​I don't try to sell you my own products or just tell you to do what I do. I'm committed to helping you make choices that work for you.
What You Get In 
The Healthy Home Method
  •  A clear plan that will save you HUNDREDS of hours and dollars. 
  • It's like the Goldilocks of information: Not too little, not too much, juuuuuust right! I've mapped out clear steps so you can avoid all the confusing research and false starts and finally feel confident that you’re making progress. It's never about all-or-nothing, and it's a system you can start and stop as you need. I'm a busy, working mom... I know that life happens! 
  •  Product recommendations, shopping guides, and how-to videos.
  • Bye bye decision fatigue! Everything from shower curtains to bedding, EMFs to water filters, and beyond are covered. You'll fast-track your product research and finally understand what to look for when you see a bunch of different recommendations in Facebook groups.   
  • Ongoing access to the most up-to-date resources. 
  • Let's face it - the science and marketing strategies are always changing! The resources are updated on a regular basis so you'll always be in-the-know with the latest and greatest information. As always, I focus on facts, not fads or fake news. As long as I'm running the program, you'll have the updated information you need (and it's been running strong for over 3 years!). 
Take advantage of the time and money I've invested to become an expert in this field, so you have more for what lights you up.
Here's What My Clients Have Achieved Working With Me:
Secure Your Spot Today
Valued at over $3000... NOW:
I only take on 2 clients per month - book your spot on a first come first serve basis by clicking the button below.
  • This includes a tailor-made Healthy Home Solution Action Plan. 
  • Complete with product shopping lists, how to form sustainable habits, and your customized implementation plan.
  • BONUS: 1 year access to The Healthy Home Collective to get ongoing accountability and support.
Fast Action Pricing Ends
Friday, June 14th at 11:59pm EST
How much will I have to spend implementing your recommendations?
It depends - on your goals, your starting point, and your budget. Whether you have money to spend or are on a tight budget, I create a custom plan that will work within your means. And where an investment is recommended based on our conversations, I'll help you create a plan to save up and plan for it for the future. It's not all about spending money, and many of the strategies I provide will end up saving you money in the long run.
How much time per week do I need to set aside?
You'll tell me how much time you're willing to set aside for implementation, and I'll create a plan that fits with that. Some weeks will be more than others, and it's flexible enough to accommodate surprises. For example, the Action Plan is broken down into 3-month priorities with room for implementation and catch-up. The goal isn't that this takes over your life, but becomes a happy part of your day-to-day.
How do I know if this program is right for me?
If you’re concerned about your family’s health and want to reduce your exposure to toxins that are linked with cancer, infertility, obesity, childhood development concerns, hormone disruption, fatigue, asthma, allergies, and more… but you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed at what the best steps are, then this program is for you. You have to be willing to make changes. Yes, I’ve made it super simple and easy to follow, but results won’t happen if you don’t put in the work. 
Where do I have to shop to get the products you recommend? 
I provide links to purchase recommended products, from reputable online retailers in Canada and the US depending on where you live. 
I live in an apartment/condo. Will the strategies still apply to me? 
Yes! There are different levels of control you have when you're in an apartment or condo building, and I'll address those for you.
What if I'm already pretty healthy/green? 
If you've been on a healthy living journey for a while, but still wonder what you're missing or what else you can do, this is a great way to get peace of mind that you're covering your bases. I will push your knowledge and build on the work you've already done. Many clients who considered themselves to have a strong understanding of healthy home strategies have reported big lessons learned and felt getting my input was worth every penny.
Can’t I just do this on my own by reading your blog? 
The short answer is: yes. You can learn anything you want to learn about any topic thanks to Google. But this program doesn’t just teach you the what, but most importantly the how. And I do most of the heavy lifting for you by putting it together into a step-by-step plan that's based on your personal goals, needs, and lifestyle. 

That’s the missing piece of the puzzle if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Some people are able to put in the time and energy it takes to make real and lasting change. But if you’re already struggling to make the time or find the resources to feel great about your home, it won’t get any easier trying to do it on your own. Trust me (oh, the hours I’ve spent!). But if you invest in getting the right help to support your health and wellness now, you’ll save so much more time and money in the long-run. I’ve spent the last 15 years working to understand and reduce harmful chemicals in our homes, and  this program to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars than if you were to implement on your own.
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