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What You Need to Know About Hormone Disruptors and Pregnancy
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The best time to set your baby up for long-term health is before they're born.
Here's What You'll Learn:
What hormone disrupting chemicals are, and why they are the missing pillar in your baby’s health - even before they’re born.
The chemicals (and products) most commonly found in your home that you should address right now - and which ones can be ignored.
Sanity and money-saving tips + product recommendations to set yourself and 
your future baby up for success.

What Past Attendees Had to Say:
"This class is so encouraging - thank you for sharing this information 
in such an organized, understandable, actionable way!" - Marisa
Hosted by Emma Rohmann, founder of Green at Home.

My name is Emma Rohmann. I’m a mom, environmental engineer, and toxins expert. 

I started living green in my own home over 15 years ago, but learned too late how important it is to make certain changes while I was pregnant (and even before I got pregnant). I can't change my past, but I can help you improve your family's future. 

Combining my own home detox journey, my engineering degree, 10 years’ experience as a green building consultant, and experience working with helping dozens of moms and moms-to-be reduce toxins at home, I am on a mission to help create a healthier next generation without adding to our own stress.

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