The Complete Guide to Choosing a
Water Filter
Even if you have access to safe tap water, there are contaminants that drinking water treatment plants aren't designed (or regulated) to remove. 

And if you're on a well, your water quality is your responsibility.

Why Should You Filter Your Water?

  • Drinking water quality standards aren't developed with our health as the primary focus - they are often a trade-off between health risks, costs, and industry lobby group demands. 
  • Water treatment plants and aging infrastructure weren't designed to handle all the chemicals found in our water.
  • ​Chemicals used to make water safe from bacteria react with other substances in the water to form carcinogenic disinfection byproducts.
  • ​Fluoride may be added to your drinking water at levels which are not demonstrated to be safe for infants in particular.
  • ​Fridge and pitcher style filters typically do little more than improve taste.
Complete Guide to Choosing a Water Filter
What You're Going to Get:
  • A step by step process to help you figure out what's in your water in the first place.
  • ​A water contaminant chart and instructions on how to identify the best filter media based on what's in your water.
  • ​A guide to reading your municipal water quality report.
  • ​Where to get your water tested if you're on a well or want to test your tap water for a more accurate picture of your water quality.
  • ​How to choose between a whole-home vs kitchen vs bath/shower filter.
  • ​Product suggestions for the most common treatment needs.
Take advantage of my 10+ years' experience as an accredited green building consultant!
Simply put: Everyone should filter their water. 

Take the overwhelm out of choosing a water filter, with step-by-step guidance from environmental engineer, Emma Rohmann.
This PDF guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to find a water filter that fits with your goals, budget, and home. 
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